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Tina Arnoldi

Lifelong Learner

Tina Arnoldi is reliable freelancer with work experience in technology, mental health, and internet marketing. MA in psychology. Certificate in Computer Technology.

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Six Creative Tips for After Hours Customer Support

Your business day may end at 5:00 pm, but for your customers, they are just getting started. Assuming they don’t spend their workday surfing online and making personal calls for things they need at home, after 5:00 pm may be when they start to reach out to your business.

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Review: Essential Psychopathology & Its Treatment

Although this 720-page textbook does not make for light reading, it does come in handy as a reference on mental disorders. In Essential Psychopathology and Its Treatment, Mark D. Kilgus, Jerrold S. Maxmen, and Nicholas G. Ward step back from a strictly theoretical approach and toward scientific evidence with clearer standards for data-driven treatment.

Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Starting a New Business

Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Starting a New Busi...

Does User Flow Matter in Google Analytics?

People want to control the visitors experience on their web site. And I get it. You want a clear path of navigation where people complete identified steps 1, 2, 3 and then bingo! They convert.

Millennials: How to Provide Them with Amazing Customer Support

The term “Millennials” is used to identify people born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. Although not everyone shares the same traits simply because they were born during the same time period, they are some general characteristics that loosely define this group.

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Smart Selling: How to Win a Price War

It’s a lousy place to be in, but when you identify what’s happening and know how to address it, you will win the war–even if you don’t get the client.

What 9 Tech Companies Can Teach Us About Great Customer Service

What 9 Tech Companies Can Teach Us About Great Cust...

How to Import Cost Data Into Google Analytics

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “marketing campaign?” It could be your email newsletter or paid Google ads. You probably have multiple channels where you run campaigns and naturally want to see how they all perform. Campaign data is viewed in the Acquisition area of Google Analytics and we’ll focus on the cost analysis report

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How to Develop Your Content Marketing Plan

What is the purpose for your content? What do you hope to achieve with content marketing? “

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The Achievement Habit

We are a product of our habits – some good, some bad. In The Achievement Habit by Bernard Roth, we learn how achievement can become one of those good habits. In 2003, he joined colleagues at Stanford to form the d. school, which uses design concepts in its teaching. This style of thinking can be applied to problem solving, personal growth, and relationships that work together for a fulfilling life.

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Are 10-year Olds Too Young to Marry? - MOGUL

Are 10-year Olds Too Young to Marry? - MOGUL

First, Fast, Fearless

In First, Fast, Fearless, Brian “Iron Ed” Hiner shares his experience from 20 years as a SEAL and that what he learned is about more than wartime with principles applicable to today’s business leaders.

Using Filters and Segments to Remove Referral Spam

Ah, referral spam. A problem that affects everyone who has a Google Analytics account.

How to Measure Results for Email Campaigns

Congratulations! You did it. You put together your email newsletter and clicked “send”. After creating the content and finding relevant images, you finally sent it out to your subscribers. Now what? You want to know if it “worked”, which is a pretty vague term, so consider some of the below metrics to measure success.

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5 Reasons Why Live Chat is an Absolute Necessity to Grow Your Business

There are already a number of ways customers can contact support for a business, including email, phone, and social media. So is live chat software really worth it for your business to invest in or will it be too much for your support team to manage?